Użyteczność & Operatorzy sieci

Energy storage is a proper way to deliver all necessary ancillary services needed for an efficient, stable and reliable electricity grid. Battery storage together with WATT3 software bring for ancillary services reducement of the need and cost for generation capacity and operation, as well as decreasing of fuel or air emissions

Our Smart battery Network is giving you Load balancing.
Implemented algorithms in our system learn and adapt to energy profiles and thanks to that battery is receiving proper instructions so that it results in reducement of transmission congestion. No more growing costs from balancing group management

Solve reliability obstacles!
Our system ensures a stability of your transmission system. You can maximise the value of critical system services up to 3500 CHF/Mw per week. Our analysts will carefully design an integration of decentralized power generation from renewable sources.

Real-time monitoring
Watt3 solution provides you constant monitoring of grid, what brings to the grid operators a really powerful control tool.