Energy storage delivers many of the necessary ancillary services needed for an efficient, stable and reliable electricity grid. Extracting further value with WATT3 software reduces the need for costly additional generation capacity. Integration of assets with energy markets is vital, let us help decrease the complexity while managing your risks.

Our Smart battery network offers numerous load balancing insights.
Implemented algorithms in our system learn and adapt to energy profiles, taking away the need for continued local control. Evaluate where energy optimisation makes sense, through large or small scale DER’s. No more growing costs from balancing group management

Asset management and monetisation
Our system assists in management of your transmission system. Maximise the value of critical system services even as assets are utilised differently. Our analysts will carefully design an integration of decentralized power generation from renewable sources.

Real-time monitoring
WATT3 provides you constant monitoring of DSO/ISO grids, with clear data. What will be the next challenge such as EV integration requiring adaption and control tools?

How does it work?

If you are willing to start securing your business by making your battery ready for energy outages, there are only four steps which we will guide through. After analyzing your profile we will take care about everything, starting from operation, through monitoring and ending on maintenance. Our staff will the manage installation and configuration of the complete package.

Step 1:

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We need your consumption and production profile to start working

Step 2:


We customized the battery size for your needs and estimate your savings on electricity bill

Step 3:


System Installation will be done by our high qualified professional partners, we guarantee a smooth, simple and seamless process.

Step 4:


We will provide you constant view over the growing savings during running our platform.