Solar Installers

Solar Installers

Together with WATT3 you can provide additional value to your customer. We believe that more satisfied customers will bring you better sales conversion.

Our partnership offer:

  • Design an Energy storage system optimally for your Solar PV
  • Ensure future price and regulatory changes are taken care of
  • 24/7 battery monitoring by market experts

How does it work?

If you are willing to start saving money on your electricity bills, we can begin work right now. After analyzing your profile and contract agreement, we will take care about everything, starting from operation, through monitoring and ending on maintenance. Our staff will the manage installation and configuration of the complete package.

Step 1:

Contact us

Fill contact form or call us.
We need your consumption and production profile to start working

Step 2:


We customized the battery size for your needs and estimate your savings on electricity bill

Step 3:


System Installation will be done by our high qualified professional partners, we guarantee a smooth, simple and seamless process.

Step 4:


We will provide you constant view over the growing savings during running our platform.