Frequently asked questions

WATT3 functions as an online platform coupled with our edge of the cloud technology WATT3 SmartBox. If your question is not listed here, please contact us and let us help you.

How does the system work?

WATT3’s SmartBox collects data on your consumption and solar production. Our software sends commands (charge/discharge) to the battery based on forecast generation, consumption of energy and price. This results in higher profitability of the system through optimal autoconsumption, price arbitrage and additional revenue coming from battery capacity sharing (i.e. ancillary services).

I am a regular household. Can I use your products?

Yes, of course. Our systems are tailored for complex environments yet work perfectly well in non commercial situations, saving you money and increasing your auto-consumption.

Can I be off-grid?

Yes, you receive these benefits through our smart algorithms:
-Maximize your self-consumption of solar power.
-Increase the resiliency of your electricity.
-Minimal fossil fuel usage.

Can you help me to get a subsidy?

Where subsidies are available WATT3 with our partners will ensure that you have access to and receive all that your entitled too.

Do I need to have a battery to use your product?

No, WATT3 will find you the best Battery for your needs. If you do have a battery we can still make an assessment of your existing battery and likely improve and monitor its performance.

How much does it cost?

The hardware costs are minimal, CHF200-400 in most cases. Electrical installation costs will be made by the installer. We aim to provide acceptable Return on Investments, for all our clients. Either sharing a percentage of the benefits with you or a fixed fee we are keen to find you the right package.

May I test your product for free?

WATT3 ‘Lite’ service offers you the possibility to simulate battery savings and tailor the system to your needs. This service cost a small subscription fee per month. We offer this service for free if you upgrade to the full ‘Opti’ or ‘Max’.

Where may I install a battery?

Batteries do not perform well with sudden changes in ambient temperature, so they
must be appropriately housed with adequate airflow.
Ensure your batteries are not accessible to children, are vermin proofed and are separate to the living or main working areas of the site. Do not store items on top of or lean items against your batteries or enclosures, because they could be a potential electrical fire risk.

How do we work?

1.Needs Analysis and system design
As a first step, we want to understand your needs. As your lifetime asset manager, our goal is to design the optimal battery storage system that delivers further returns. What makes us unique among others companies is that every client we treat individually, we know that every energy profile is different. Our experts will analyze your profile, make corresponding simulations based on optimisations methods (including a combination of strategies such as maximum auto-consumption, demand charges or free market). The results will support the assessment the profits that you can gain from our system and increment of self-sufficiency and self-consumption rate. If there will be any need to meet regulatory requirements we can help you with all administration pain. We do it for your overall satisfaction.
2.System Installation
System Installation will be done by our highly qualified professional partners, we guarantee a smooth, simple and seamless process.
3.Monitoring and maintenance
Our engineers constantly monitor the performance of all systems in our portfolio. Our solution is secure, confidential and safety is utmost in our minds. We will keep track of all your possible energy opportunities, with constant updates on savings and revenue. We will give you an access to desktop & mobile application, where you will see clear visualizations.