Business and Government

Put intelligence into your battery

Watt3 software helps business and government decrease their bills by time shifting of energy usage. You’re buying electricity when it is cheap and using when it is expensive. We can significantly reduce your electricity bills, in some cases by up to 80%. What is more, our optimization engine helps you reduce painful demand charge costs.

WATT3’s digital solution is part of a package increasing self sufficiency while taking care of Environmental Sustainability. We assist in achieving carbon emission targets, material and technology breakthroughs allow cheaper and safer batteries transforming the way we use renewable energy sources, such as solar. WATT3 seeks to encourage the adoption of distributed energy resources (DER) allowing more efficient utilisation of our existing grid infrastructure.



Save money

Reduce your power bill through our smart energy storage optimization technology. Start enjoying savings at the first year of use and see how it is growing with every year!


Constant monitoring

Our software is tracking your energy flow in real time, check how much you produced or consume at any second during a day. In our cloud we collect data at a rate of 950 megabytes per minute.


Effective Energy Usage

Thanks to our software we can increase your self-sufficiency by up to 75%, equaling a electricity bill reduction of approx. 20%. Institutional profiles we find can achieve an increase of self-consumption up to 45%.


Energy independence

Our solution helps you to maximise the potential for longer term energy independence. Business may remain supplied during electricity during blackout periods. We provide you a seamless integration to your current system.

Working with WATT3

If you are willing to start saving money on your electricity bills, we can begin work right now. After analyzing your profile and electricity contract, we will look after you, starting with operations, through monitoring and ending with updates and maintenance. Our staff will the manage installation and configuration of the complete package.

WATT3 is a smart assistant managing your battery storage remotely. Our intelligent software makes optimal use of your energy usage and solar production for homes and businesses.

WATT3 first learns your energy production and consumption. Based on that, it takes intelligent decisions 24/7 on when to store energy, when to use it and when to sell it back to the grid. You don’t need to lift a finger. Like our customers, enjoy up to 20% savings on your electricity bill.

It goes even further! Watt3 takes into account external factors like weather conditions to improve its algorithms. It even learns what type of battery you are using to adapt to it and increase the battery’s longevity to save you even more money.

Step 1:

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Step 2:


We customise the battery size for your needs and estimate your savings on electricity.

Step 3:


System Installation will be done by our highly qualified professional partners, we guarantee a smooth, simple and seamless process.

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We will provide clear insight into your growing savings while running our platform.