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  • WATT3 SmartBox
  • Monitoring and prediction of your energy usage
  • Monitoring and prediction of solar production
  • A simulation of a battery
  • Prediction of electricity savings
  • Battery recommendation tailored to your custom needs
  • Visualization of your energy profile before and after using Watt3 Lite
  • 1 month of FREE TRAIL with a full energy report
For homes with only solar system

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  • WATT3 SmartBox
  • Monitoring and prediction of your energy usage
  • Monitoring and prediction of solar production
  • A battery storage tailored to your custom needs
  • System health checks
  • Maximal increase of your self-sufficiency
For homes with solar panels with/without a battery

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  • WATT3 SmartBox
  • Gateway to multiple revenue streams
  • Portfolio Management
  • Access to WATT3 P2P network
  • WATT3 OPTI plus demand charge management
For homes with solar panels and battery

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We also provide consulting & analytics independently to these products.
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Through Swiss Engineering we care about energy in a sustainable way

Watt3 is a group of passionate people who are experts in their field. We have a deep experience in energy trading, asset management, advanced analytics including machine learning techniques, battery optimization and software development. We believe that combining our knowledge, passion and technology can bring distinct solutions to a new energy world.

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Utility & Network Operators

With decades of experience in asset management we help utilities integrate Batteries into their portfolio, capturing new revenue streams. We take care of portfolio optimisation & load balancing throughout the batteries lifetime. With WATT3 intelligent software we aim to deliver Big Data Applications and new products.

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Business and Government

Sell your unused energy at the best time, while constantly evaluating your ongoing energy situation. Seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing system, managing demand and Energy Arbitrage. We provide the intelligence to reduce your bills by up to 40%.

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Solar Installers

Let us help increase your sales conversion rate of prospects by bundling our cloud-managed energy storage solution with a battery. Are Low Feed in Tariffs a problem? Our offer will increase your profitability with optimized batteries.

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